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Artistic Director & Producer

Pernille Lund Olesen (she/her) is a Danish performing arts producer and artistic director.

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Pernille holds a Masters degree in dramaturgy and business economics from Aarhus University in 2017. Furthermore, she also completed the Creative Producer course with The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2019.

Since 2012 she’s worked with several performing arts institutions, including Søholm Opera where she is currently in the Artistic Advisory Board,  The Danish National Touring Opera (Den Jyske Opera) and Aalborg Theater as well as Bora Bora – dance & visual theatre where she is currently working as Residency Producer for the Bora Bora Residency Centre. Pernille has also been working as a freelance dramaturg and producer within contemporary dance, site-specific performances, opera, burlesque and theatre. 

Since founding the burlesque organization Cabaresque in 2014 with co-founder Sophie Ternowitz, Pernille’s work is influenced by intersectional feminist and queer theories. This lead her to new projects and a place in the advisory board of the National Think Tank for Youth Culture with the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Pernille regularly facilitates workshops & talks, attends panels, conferences and arts festivals, through her work.

Community Leader

Dramaturg and job searching?

As a new professional in 2017 Pernille recognized the need for a forum for Danish dramaturgs who are seeking jobs and wanting to improve their skillset. She then founded the group “Dramaturg i verden” (Dramaturg in the world) in 2018. With 200+ members, the group is an active and positive forum for dramaturgs wanting to seek new opportunities and learning to market their skills within and beyond the performing arts sector. 

Queer Arts Network for creators

After a few years of working within different arts settings, Pernille realized through conversations with other creators, that a specific network was needed. So in 2020 she has now founded the “QuARTs Network” – a network for queer arts creators from different arts fields. The network is currently being launched and hopes to contribute to the conversations around identities, inclusion and representation in the arts.

Pernille is also available for talks and workshops on Queer Dramaturgy

Burlesque in Denmark

Continuing the work of producing shows and events with Cabaresque, proved  an interest in the burlesque field in Jutland. Before Cabaresque, burlesque in Denmark was mainly found in Copenhagen. So Pernille set out to create a national platform for the entire Danish burlesque “scene” with the “Burlesque Danmark” group. Here, 180+ members can find news on shows and classes in their areas, share advice and talk about all things burlesque. 

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